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The Provident Team is based on a simple idea:

Your Real estate team should grow you

Explore how you can grow professionally, financially, and personally with the Provident Team.

What is the Provident Team Difference?


We believe agents should spend their time doing what they love most - selling houses. That’s why we provide every agent with a steady stream of quality leads.

Exclusive Territory

Each agent operates in their own dedicated territory and serves as the local expert. No fighting with other agents for your leads, because at Provident we believe in quality of agents, not quantity.

Training and Mentorship

Every agent receives extensive onboarding and ongoing training and mentorship, designed by our team leader to allow you to learn faster, sell more, and deliver higher value to clients.

Intensive Agent Support

To succeed as an agent, you need a team of people working behind you. That’s why every Provident Team agent has a support team helping to grow their business

No Monthly Fees

We believe a real estate team shouldn’t make money unless its agents are making money. That’s why we don’t have fix monthly charges for things like desk fees, E&O insurance, training fees, mentorship fees.

Custom Organizational Leads Database

When you work with as many clients as we do, organization will make or break your business. That’s why we have a custom lead management tech platform.

What Does a Provident Agent Earn?


Average Agent


Per Month


Provident Agent


Per Month


… and that’s just the beginning.

Highly successful agents can earn much more.

The Proof

Our system isn't just an idea or a theory. It works. Our small team of agents has sold more than 300 homes in the Northern Virginia area, and in 2019 we will be continuing to grow.


Do You Have What it Takes?

Provident Team isn't for the faint of heart. We're offering the chance to maximize your business, and are searching for a select team of highly motivated powerhouse agents who are up to the challenge of doing more business than ever before.

A Provident Team Agent is:


Highly Motivated

This system is not for “average” agents. This is for agents who want to be top producers, and have the drive needed to get there.


Full Time Realtor

No weekend warriors or part-time agents here. Provident agents are focused on their clients, and their real estate career.


Independent Problem Solver

Successful agents are organized, independently manage their schedule, and can solve problems on the fly.


Very Tech Savvy

When your business moves at the speed of the internet, comfort with technology makes or breaks your business.


Growth Focused

Things work different around here, and our successful agents thirst for growth, change, and constant improvement.


If you're excited about the possibilities, 
let's start a conversation!

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